Friday, February 26, 2010

The Lezzy Awards

Hello readers,

You may have noticed by the button on my sidebar (that sounds dirty), that Fannie's Room is a finalist in the feminist/political category of the Lesbian Lifestyle's Lezzy Awards.

Now, I don't put very much effort into promoting my blog or entering awards contests, mostly because this is a one-woman operation and I don't have the time. So thank you to those of you who (a) nominated me into the finals, and (b) have took the time to vote for my blog.

I'm honored to be in the same category as the much more popular feminist venue, Feministing. And, this contest introduced me to feminist/political blog Dear Diaspora, also a finalist, where I look forward to perusing posts about gender.

So, thank you to everyone who has nominated/voted for my blog and, even though Fannie's Room is a completely commercial-free zone, I do appreciate those who stop by to comment and read.

And yes, I checked out my blog counter stats last week, so I know that most you are lurkers! Leftist Gender Warriors says, "De-lurk, I say, and share your thoughts or say hello! Let the random, non-sequitur, open comment day begin."


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