Tuesday, March 16, 2010

School Cancels Prom Rather Than Endure Lesbian Tux-Wearer

Quick, somebody call the gender police!

Perhaps you've heard of the Mississippi high school student who wanted to take her girlfriend to prom whilst wearing a tux. Since she doesn't have a penis, the school board decided to take its prom and go home.

In a way, it is fitting that the school would choose to cancel prom instead of allowing this gender crime. Same-sex couples are denied access into marriage and many similar rites of passage into dating, romance, and adult coupledom. By canceling prom for everybody, I'd like to think that at least some students, once they get over their initial self-centered bitterness, will come to have a better appreciation for the experiences of those of us who are regularly denied access to such reinforcers of romance.

Could the homophobic school board have just unintentionally done LGBT rights a favor?

Anyway, one of my fave commenters following the article was Dawn, who concernedly noted:

"The adult student in question is 18. The child she wishes to take to the prom is a minor."

A few items are of note about Dawn's Gays-As-Pedophiles tangent. One, the age of consent in Mississippi is 16; is Dawn privy to the actual age of the prom date? Two, Dawn seems to assume that the "adult student" is having sex with "the child." Is she privy to this info as well? Three, is Dawn similarly concerned about male-female couples wherein one is a senior and the other is a sophomore, or is it just the age difference when it comes to homasexuls she's so very concerned about?

Dawn continues, answering question numero 3:

"I call sexual exploitation of a minor and the minor's parents should be ashamed of themselves. It truly is a shame how the gays are ruining this country."

She demolishes her own "concern" about sexual exploitation of a minor by going into an asinine homophobic rant. But wait, don't worry you guys, she's not a homophobe after all. Dawn explains:

"I am allowed to feel this way and am far from homophobic. I am fully educated on how there is something medically wrong with the brains of gays....Nothing will ever change my opinion about it either."

Glad that's all cleared up.

But seriously, it's remarkably sad that some people still think the normality/abnormality of homosexuality is still a legitimate scientific debate or inquiry.

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