Friday, March 12, 2010

Sports Ladies Behaving Badly- Winter Olympics Edition

I love the photos of the gold-medal Canadian hockey team celebrating after their win.

Although, apparently it was a Very Bad Thing for these lady athletes to have been drinking champagne and smoking cigars on the ice after fans had left the building, like how male athletes drink champagne and smoke cigars after they win big sporting events all the fucking time. Their lady revelry, in fact, drew "scrutiny" from the International Olympic Committee, which said that it would "investigate what happened."

Hmmm, I wonder if the IOC will find similar time and resources to make lady ski jumping "happen."

But I digress. Here, ladies and gentleman, we observe Truth A about articles involving female athletes:

"When female athletes are covered in the mainstream/sports media, at least one of three truths will come into play: (a) The coverage will consist of a gimmicky article about how a particular lady athlete has behaved badly, (b) If the coverage is a feature story, it will be of a Hot Lady Athlete even though she has peers who are similarly, if not more, talented, and/or (c) Following every online article featuring a female athlete or team, male commenters opine upon the general overall suckiness of lady sports."

Nothing like lady-shaming to get everyone to stop focusing on the athletic accomplishments of women.

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