Friday, August 27, 2010

Quotes of the Week

A particular favorite among the oh-so-clever "marriage defense" crowd. Cite unnecessary, because really, don't we hear this all the time?

"I think the amusing part is that some people are trying to make [same-sex marriage] about equal rights when that is not the issue. The rights are already equal. 'Gays' cannot marry the same sex, neither can I. 'Gays' can marry the opposite sex, so can I. The very definition of equal."


But, and I quote Justice Scalia (of all people):

"Some activities may be such an irrational object of disfavor that, if they are targeted, and if they also happen to be engaged in exclusively or predominantly by a particular class of people, an intent to disfavor that class can readily be presumed. A tax on wearing yarmulkes is a tax on Jews."

And also, a particular fave of my own: Where same-sex marriage is legal, straight people can marry someone of the same sex and lesbian, gay, and bisexual people can marry someone of the same sex. The very definition of equal, no?

Of course, don't expect many anti-gay folks to get it. Heterosexuals are the default norm, meaning that all Others aspire to reach equality with them. So, if heterosexuals don't need the right to marry someone of the same sex, then nobody gets that right.

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