Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In Which Humorless Feminazism Yet Again Becomes a Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Looks like there's more trouble in that feminist paradise that is social conservatism.

Apparently, "The Fox and Rice Show," which consists of commentators at the conservative site Human Events have jokingly conceived of a "Babes of the DNC Calendar," in which they mock the looks of various liberal women.

Their reason for this immature attack? Because liberals do it too:

"Certain conservative women are under attack. Why is that, you ask? This election season, FRX wants you to remember that it’s not simply the fact that women like Nikki Haley, Christine O’Donnell, and Sarah Palin have defeated and made a fool of moderate Republicans, Democrats, and the liberal kook media. It's not simply the fact that they are accomplished campaigners. Oh, no; in many cases, these women are despised JUST because they are HOT. And let’s face it: liberal women tend to be a bunch of hideous chuds.

Now, FRX doesn’t have many least, not people who would say so aloud. But who would YOU rather communicate with: Monica Crowley, Andrea Tantaros, and Amanda Carpenter (three beautiful and accomplished conservative women), or Rachel Maddow (who looks like a carny that should be running the ‘Dime Pitch’ or ‘Duck Pond’ game at the traveling fair)? It's time to ask: who ARE the real beauties of the left? And, just in time for the election and this holiday season, you can click the player discover liberal women acting liberally!"

The silence of all of our self-proclaimed loud and proud conservative "red-state" feminist sisters, in the face of these attacks, is deafening. One day maybe the feminist ladies on the conservative side of the aisle will step away from the "conservative women tend to be total babes [unlike liberal women/feminists]" head-patting and actually do something about male attempts to keep women firmly fixated in the sex class.

Oh wait, everybody just calm down. "The Fox and Rice Show" is just joking:

"The Fox and Rice Experience is for entertainment purposes only, even though it's not all that amusing. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely intentional. If offended, seek treatment for Humorless Liberal Syndrome. Side effects of HLS may include headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abnormal vision and in some cases, death. To avoid long term injuries, seek immediate medical help if you experience Liberalism lasting longer than 4 hours. Ask your doctor if FRX is right for you."

Humorless Liberal/Feminism Syndrome. It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy, no? Let's be assholes to liberals and feminist women and then call them humorless when they don't think our aggression is funny. It's fool-proof!

So, it's not this asinine thing called "The Fox and Rice Show" that sucks for being mean, sexist, immature, and not at all funny. It's you who suck for not finding them funny.

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