Monday, October 4, 2010

More Definitely-Not-Bigotry

Writing a somewhat dull op-ed piece in The Washington Times, conservative commentator Rebecca Hagelin opines:

"A recent survey suggests that Americans are more accepting than ever of homosexual 'families.' Although only about one-third of Americans consider homosexual couples with no children to be a family, 68 percent say homosexual couples with children do indeed make a 'family.'
Does growing acceptance make it right?...

Our children must distinguish between what's right, on the one hand, and what's familiar, but dysfunctional, on the other.

Ground them in the truth: Marriage is between one man and one woman, and children do best when raised by their married mother and father. This biblical truth is proven by social science data and by history, and must be protected if America is to survive as a civil society. The Institute for Marriage and Public Policy has a treasure trove of research and information on the subject that you can access for free at"

Here, Hagelin first uses scare quotes to indicate that gay families are not authentic families, proceeds to claim that our families are dysfunctional, and then concludes that heterosexually-headed families are superior to gay ones. She posits that all of these statements are biblical, moral, and scientific fact.

These statements in the public record do not bode well for the claim that same-sex marriage bans aren't about anti-gay animus or about asserting the moral superiority of heterosexual families. I wonder how all of the self-proclaimed Nice Guys and Gals, including the 7 million voters who voted for California's discriminatory same-sex marriage ban who Definitely Don't Have Anti-Gay Animus Or Anything, will respond to Hagelin's piece.

But wait. Hagelin isn't finished. She has to wipe her hands clean of bigotry and stigmatization by claiming... well, just read:

"Finally, make certain your children know that it is important to show kindness to everyone. It's also critical to teach our kids that just as past generations were wrong to stigmatize the innocent child born to unmarried parents, it is wrong to stigmatize a child being raised by homosexuals."

Insight. Apparently, it's not a family value.

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