Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Ignorance of Anti-Feminism

So, this article over at the Eagle Forum is fun. In it, a lady bemoans how it is apparently okay for female politicians to tell their male rivals to "man up" and how, Because of Feminism, "women can do and say whatever they want about the opposite sex, but men can't do likewise."

Isn't this "critique" of feminism just so typical?

Think men are portrayed as dolts in the media? Believe society doesn't take the rape of men seriously? Concerned that male vicims of domestic violence don't get enough attention? I know, blame feminists! The one group of people in this binary-obsessed society actually trying to get society to think beyond the gender ideology that is responsible for such sexism.

For, in the reality-based world, it is a not-so-insignificant fact that many feminists oppose the use of gendered insults whether they are directed at men or women and, in fact, know it is the sexist Code of Male Chivalry that prohibits men from "fighting back" against female politicians. Not that male politicians often abide by that code, but more on that in a minute. I'd also like to note that I loathe male chivalry in competition because it is also a handy-dandy excuse that gives men an out if they lose to female opponents. If he wins, the man is just assuming his god-given place "on top." If he loses, he can claim he was too scared of being called sexist or of looking like a bully if he actually tried to win by giving 100%.

The above phenomenon is also sometimes used in co-ed sporting events.

Secondly, I find it unfuckingbelievable that someone is arguing that a problem with politics these days is that men are just too nice to their female opponents by not attacking them with gendered insults like how men are attacked.

This, in an age where rivals routinely hurl sexist attacks against female politiciansacross the political spectrum?

Are you kidding me?

Sexism against women is so pervasive, apparently, that it is invisible in plain sight. At best, it only becomes visible or worthy of condemnation when it is aimed at a conservative woman (see also, the rise of conservative women suddenly declaring themselves "feminists" when Sarah Palin is attacked. Not so much when Hillary nutcrackers were made, though).

It is interesting that the author of this conservative piece says that men are "stifled" by feminism. What is obvious is that a far more suffocating, blinding force permeates our collective air. That single most pressing anti-feminist question, What About the Men?

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