Monday, December 27, 2010

Lady Director Thingy

As a blogger, I often receive emails from people asking me to promote their products, articles, or blogs on my site for their own commercial purposes. I usually decline because, well, nothing chaps my ass more than someone basically saying "It's awesome that you've built up a base of readers over the years in your commercial-free space. Awesome for me that is. Please promote my product for free and let me make money off of you and your readers!"

And let me tell you, some of these "offers" to promote certain products/websites are indeed incredibly sucky. Like, people-asking-me-to-promote-lesbian-teen-porn-on-my-feminist-lesbian-blog sucky. I mean, have these people even read my blog?!

Moving on. For those of you who already use Netflix (as I do), I did receive an email about a non-sucky Netflix feature that some of you might be interested if you're already using Netflix. Some folks have created a site/filter that allows you to search for movies made by female directors and add them to your queue.

It acknowledges that "less than 1% of movies on Netflix are female directed" and that women are also vastly under-represented among writers, producers, editors, and cinematographers in the film industry.

Less than 1%, huh? So there's what, like 12 movies on Netflix we can watch? And, factoring in whether these movies pass the Bechdel Test, we'd probably be down to, what, like 3 movies?

Sadly, I wish I was kidding. Anyway, I'm not endorsing this thing and I've certainly received no compensation for this post. I'm just letting you know it's out there if you get annoyed, as I do, about the dude-centricity of Netflix.

Aren't I such a good advertiser?

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