Friday, January 21, 2011

Because Going Without Make-up Is Only Natural For Men

Confession time: I subscribe to the WorldNetDaily email alerts. Wahoo!

What can I say, I like to be apprised of the conspiracy theories and gold-buying schemes the far right is buying into these days. Check out a section of one recent email alert:


That's right. Immediately following an US Weekly-esque link urging readers to "get a load of" Katy Perry without makeup, presumably because ohmigod WorldNetDaily writers find a woman less attractive without her lady costume on, is a link to the "Daily Blessing" where readers can receive some Christian inspiration.

Because misogyny is so loving and kind and devout and just like Jesus. Don't you all remember that part in the New Testament where Jesus was like, "Yo Mary, are you really not going to put lipstick on?"

(Maybe conservatives are still pissed that Katy Perry wrote that song that has "lesbian undertones"?)

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