Thursday, January 20, 2011

Odds 'N Ends

1. Writing in The New York Times, Nicole Hardy recounts her travails as an "independent woman" within Mormonism.

Namely, the combination of her desire to not have children, to have a professional life, and to remain chaste until marriage in accordance with Mormon doctrine left her "trapped in an adolescence." While non-Mormon men weren't interested in "being thrust back into the eighth grade" into a sexless relationship, Mormon men resented her ability to take care of herself, their church teaching them that it is a man's job to be "the provider."

She ends up rejecting Mormon doctrine and finds solace in the unlikeliest (for her) places.

2. Over at Isis' place, she writes of an email she received about a student at UC Davis who learned of an interesting grading technique a professor in the Veterinary School was contemplating using on a student who had just given birth and was set to be out of class for a period of time.

Long story short: The professor in question seemed to think it was acceptable to put the student's grade up for a class vote. Then, hyper-defensive students in the class began commenting at Isis' blog to vetsplain that it wasn't sexism or anything and that it's WRONG of Isis to "gossip" about their school.

Other folks noted that the school has an attendance policy, and so giving a woman who has just given birth anything other than a 0 in the class would be giving her a special right.

And so we meet again, Equality Feminism.

If men don't need something (or don't think they need something), nobody gets it.

3. Last week, the US Supreme Court refused to hear Roy Den Hollander's attempted continuation of his lawsuit arguing that "ladies' nights" at bars and clubs are a violation of men's constitutional rights under the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.

Justice Scalia was probably very pleased with this refusal, since it's so obvious that the 14th Amendment doesn't even prohibit sex discrimination and all.

But seriously, long story short: Yes, ladies nights are discriminatory against men, even if their purpose is to attract women for the benefit of heterosexual male patrons. However, the 14th Amendment applies to state entities, which a bar is not. Thus, ladies' nights are not unconstitutional discrimination.

Hollander is just a man with an admitted vendetta against feminism who nonetheless seems to think he is Very Hot Stuff, using women in their capacity as sex objects to affirm his manhood and prowess. He boasts:

'“When I go to a club and I’m looking at some young babe, I do not have malice in my heart,' he said. 'When some great looking 20-year-old babe is walking down the street, it is not malice in my heart that I’m feeling.'

Mr. Den Hollander refused to reveal his age because it might hurt his chances picking up younger women at bars. He said he looks younger than his true age and that 'I want to continue to exploit the infinite capacity of females to delude themselves.'”

I think he thinks he is a reaction to feminism. In reality, feminism is a reaction to men like him.

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