Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Best Anti-Gay Comment Ever!

I suppose it's low-hanging fruit. Whatever, don't judge. It's rotten, there's lots of it, and if you don't pick it, it stinks shit up.

This one's from some guy named Mark, commenting on some same-sex marriage article:

"Here is the definition of marriage 'equality' for those who can't or just plain don't want to comprehend its' meaning.....

One MAN + one WOMAN = sexual EQUALITY ie a REAL marriage and REAL love.

Now this is very easy to comprehend, even for those with a 1/2 brain.

I don't really give a darn what goes on in the bedroom. This is a NOT an issue or even a concern for Maryland's elected to waste time and tax dollars on. Only to those who just plain can't accept normal male-female or visa-versa relationships have to make this a political issue."

Isn't this so demonstrative of much of the anti-equality mindset?

a) He doesn't "give a darn" about people's personal sexual relationships or anything, he just wants everyone to know that some personal sexual relationships are REAL and others aren't. But other than that, yeah, no real interest. And also, capitalization makes statements more truthy and definitely show that you don't care about something. At ALL.

b) Mark's categorization of "normal male-female or visa-versa* relationships" as "REAL marriage and REAL love" is pretty much exactly what it means to be heterosupremacist. For "marriage defenders" who claim that bans on legal same-sex marriage aren't about telling same-sex couples they're inferior, I point to statements like Mark's. (2 down, 6,999,998 more to go!)

*Regarding that "visa-versa" thing. Is there a qualitative difference between "normal male-female" relationships and "normal female-male" ones? And what do credit cards have to do with turning things the other way around?

c) Mark then explains that this hetersupremacy is basically a self-evident truth to anyone with "a 1/2 brain."

Yes. Clearly.

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