Friday, March 11, 2011

Marriage Debate Fail

Some more low-hanging fruit (and I don't like to even send traffic toward this "marriage defense" blog so for reals think twice about clicking), but let's address one of my fave insular comments that those who only pay attention to "their side" of the so-called homosexualist culture wars. I see this uttered with some frequency by some who oppose equality for LGBT people:

"If supporters of neutering marriage have a rational argument to make they should make it. Instead, they spend their time trying to shout down, shut up, and intimidate those who disagree with them."

In that particular thread, the other "marriage defense" commenter, a guy who once admitted that he has no interest in dialogue with those who disagree him, responded by being all, totes, I know. "They" this. "They" that. They, they they.

They who? All gay people? All "homofascists"? All equality advocates?

With insularity, comes the lazy view that "the other side" is basically an amorphous monolithic blob comprised of individuals who lack individuality, nuance, and differing opinions. Unlike those on one's own side, of course, each of whom is a sparkling snowflake of specialness.

So, like, in general, if all a "marriage defender" hears from equality advocates is shouting, the "marriage defender" is not listening hard enough. Or, like at all.


My list of marriage equality resources and arguments is a little outdated now, but it's a good 101 for where some of us are coming from. It's at least a good starting place.

PS- It must be swell having the privilege to just not pay attention to the arguments made by those whose rights you spend so much time denying.

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