Monday, April 18, 2011

Just Some More Conservative Misandry

Maggie Gallagher recently riled up some of her anti-gay, anti-male readers over at the National Organization for [Heterosexual] Marriage blog. While lounging on her fainting couch, she tattles on Dan Savage for speaking frankly about sex, criticizing the Pope, and swearing. She writes:

"I suggested that Dan Savage's view of the world is influenced by his personal experience: he's a gay man. Finding another gay man who will accept that kind of deal may be hard, but it's not nearly as hard as finding a woman like that.

Applying gay male sexual ethics to opposite sex relationships is likely to result in some pretty bad advice--because women are different than men."

How, specifically, are men so very different from women? Well, let's hear it from frequent anti-gay commenter Marty opining away in the NOM blog comments, a locale that is quite the fever swamp of bigotry and paranoia these days:

"One thing Dan is very open and honest about, is that all men are basically pigs and perverts... No secret there, but he is more honest than most.

What he is blissfully ignorant of, is that women tame the savage beast within men, and raise us to a level of civilized behavior.

Of course he knows nothing of this, preferring to wallow in the pigsty with his own kind."

Apparently, it's a commonsensical self-evident truth that men are pigs and pervs who need mommy-wives to civilize them. Each woman is responsible for marrying and then training a husband-pet of her very own because, unlike women, men aren't grown-ups who are responsible for their own behavior! Rape, war, infidelity. It's women's fault for not being good enough zoo handlers.

Sounds enticing.

And by that I mean:

Worst. PR. Campaign. For "Traditional" Marriage. Ever.

Well done, Mags. Thanks for helping show that when it comes to actual, full-on man-hating, most feminists have nothing on the socially-conservative gender essentialists.

ps- MRAs, meet Marty. Marty, meet MRAs. Work this shit out amongst yourselves and stop taking the cheap, easy, and socially-sanctioned tactic of blaming feminists for "everyone's" shoddy view of men.

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