Thursday, April 28, 2011

Marinelli: NOM Sought "Crazy" Pictures of Equality Advocates

Last July, in writing about the National Organization for [Heterosexual] Marriage's (NOM) "Marriage Tour," I speculated that a motive of the tour might have been to present "marriage defenders" as victims of aggressive LGBT advocates in order to drum up opposition to same-sex marriage.

After all, it's easier to get people to deny rights to a minority group that is framed as dangerous, monolithic, and evil than if that group is framed as just as human and nuanced as "good, clean, regular everyday folk."

Indeed, soon after the wheels on their bus started turning, NOM began tediously documenting and publicizing every real and imagined slight suffered by its participants and supporters.

For instance, when someone allegedly cut off the NOM bus in traffic and flipped them off, NOM's Brian Brown tweeted "Got tolerance?" (Apparently, only "marriage defenders" ever have run-ins with rude drivers). Then, speaking of equality advocates who showed up to counter-protest NOM, Brown characterized them in a blogpost as "crazy" and "nuts" for shouting "Get your hate out of our state."

Well, almost a year later, NOM defector Louis Marinelli is claiming that Brian Brown sent him an email during the tour instructing:

"I need crazy pictures of our opponents."

According to Marinelli, Brown's request came minutes after Marinelli had sent Brown a photo of "marriage defenders."

If true, Brown's request would be especially ironic coming from Team Don't You Dare Frame Us As Villains.

Indeed, back in 2009, NOM's Maggie Gallagher bemoaned the fact that some marriage equality advocates dared to suggest that "people who see marriage as a male-female union are like slave owners or segregationists" and, in response, Gallagher demanded, "This kind of disrespectful treatment of diverse views on gay marriage really needs to stop. Now. Today."


Got projection?

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