Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Men Need Manland!

Apparently, an IKEA store in Australia thinks only men hate shopping and that all people are in heterosexual relationships. That's why they've created MANLAND.

Modeled after the concept of day care for babies, Manland is a "man cave with video games and free hot dogs, where guys can hang out while their wives and girlfriends shop."

Sounds like fun, especially because I too loathe shopping and would much rather be playing Xbox than looking at boring-ass armoirs.

But, oh well. As a lady, I guess it's my lady duty to buy the furniture. With my lady partner. While the men get to play foosball and eat weiners. (I guess my partner and I will also do the shopping for our male friends in same-sex relationships, since they don't have any wimmin to pick stuff out for them).

An IKEA associate says: "We expect the scheme to be a real success with both sexes."


Having a space for non-shopper-oriented people of any gender to hang out would be a real success.

Playing into stereotypes about the immaturity of men and the boring shoppiness of women is uninspired and alienating. It carves out a special space to reinforce those stereotypes as "natural" and essential aspects of men and women, effectively equating Real Womanhood with being a shopper and Real Manhood with being a perpetual teenager who is excused from adult duties like furnishing one's home.

(And why should only men be given that entitlement? I want it too dammit!)

It's amazing that in 2011 it actually has to be spelled out that NEWSFLASH!: Some women hate shopping! Some men like shopping more than their female partners! Not all people are in heterosexual relationships!


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