Friday, September 2, 2011

Noooo, Anything But That!

Why on gawd's green earth is this supposed to be offensive to feminists, women, "lefties," or the National Organization for Women?

If you can't, or don't want to, click over, a blogger at the anti-feminist, anti-LGBT Ruthblog modified the National Organization for Women's (NOW) logo so that the "O' looks like....(wait for it).... an iron. The blogger then snickered, "you'll never look at [the logo] again the same way."


I know. A person has do a lot of translating and intuiting to even understand why an anti-feminist person would assume that this "demotivator" would be, like, The Worst Thing Eva To a Feminist.

So taking into account the run-of-the-mill rabid anti-feminist's typical lack of insight into feminist thought, as far as I can tell this logo is supposed to be Big Time Offensive because... (a) all feminists hate ironing because (b) it's associated with women's traditional role, and so (c) how hilarious is it to put an iron right. in. the. NOW. logo because that really (d) shows the uppity feminists that no matter how hard we try, women just can't escape our god-given destiny of being... an ironer...?

What else could this logo possibly mean?

Really, the floor is open to your theories.

Special Comment Moderation Note: Just whatever you say, don't you dare suggest that I have ever ironed in my life!!11!

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