Friday, November 16, 2012

"Everyone" Will Support Marriage Equality By 2030

Wait, everyone?

Sure, why not.  It's Friday, I'm feeling okay with absolutes. Or Absolut.


My point is that this article kind of posits that Willow and Tara are largely responsible for the Millenial generation's acceptance of same-sex marriage in particular and homosexuality in general.

I swear this is not a drunk post. I think I'm mostly experiencing end-of-election-cycle fatigue where I don't have any spare ounces of sooper seriousness left in me at the moment, if you can believe it.

Talk about stuff now.  Preferably stuff like our favorite fictional and non-fictional lesbian and bisexual women on television. In general, I miss Willow and Tara being on TV, and I'm still not okay with how that all turned out.

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