Friday, November 9, 2012

Just A Thought

If a straight person really truly "doesn't care" what out lesbian, gay, and bisexual politicians, leaders, and celebrities "do in their bedrooms," then one likewise doesn't get all huffy-puffy resentful of the fact that they talk openly about being lesbian, gay, or bisexual and publicly identify as such.

It seriously grates on my "I don't even see race" nerves when people act like they "don't even care about people's sexual orientation" when (a) they so obviously can't handle being reminded of non-heterosexuality's existence and (b) the fact is, lots of people do still care, and not in a good way, that some people are not heterosexual and they would love nothing more than for us to either become 100% hetero, become "ex-gay," die out, or retreat silently and defeated back into the closet.

Leftist Gender Warrior gives a special lesbian fist bump to Tammy Baldwin:


Talk about the election today, or whatevs.

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