Wednesday, December 19, 2012

But Most Importantly Today

Here are 2012's worst words.

I guess I don't hang out in circles or social networks that use some of these words, but I agree with many of these.

Like the word "actually," also known as "the word that you use when you're actually saying, 'You are wrong, and I am right, and you are at least a little bit of an idiot.'"

And "hehehe." No one is ever being nice when they laugh like that on Internet.

Anyone have any worst words of their own?

My addition would be "phenomenal," only because I see people so often using it to describe relatively mundane accomplishments, food, or events as though they're Exceedingly Epic*. I'm sure some readers of this blog would add gratuitous capitalization as an annoying stylistic habit.

Hehehe. Too bad.

(*Epic is also on the list)

1 comment:

sarahbee said...

What is up with the use of the word ”female” instead of ”woman” to herald oncoming douchebaggery? It is almost a foolproof as ”I'm not a racist but” as a signal that what is about to follow is going to be odious. I don't know if I would call it a worst word of 2012, though, because it's really useful add a signal that it's time to stop listening and walk away.