Friday, December 21, 2012

Feminists, We Ruin Everything

Including Christmas movies that I generally enjoy. Like Love, Actually, which is apparently the Official Worst Christmas Movie Ever.

(Remember? We came to a consensus on this issue at the last meeting and added it to our Sooper Seekret Feminist Manifesto. Shhhhh, don't tell the MRAs!)

Now, I'm fully aware that I often have to shut down and compartmentalize my feminist brain if I'm to halfway enjoy most popular films, seeped as they are in male-centric, non-Bechdel-test-passing narratives.

But, I have long had a sentimental appreciation for Love, Actually, mostly because I'm a sucker for happy romantic endings. But, I also think this article criticizing the movie is pretty damn funny and accurate:
"With the exception of Bill Nighy’s witty plotline about an aging pop star’s attempt to secure the coveted Christmas No. 1 hit, every one of the 85 other stories in the movie involves some horrible lesson out of the battle of the sexes playbook. If you were an alien watching 'Love, Actually,' you would come to the conclusion that what human British men really, really want are hot chicks who fetch them tea, put up with their dalliances, and don’t speak English."
I've long been annoyed at the movie's lack of same-sex romantic storylines among the 85 other romantic storylines, but yeah wow, most of the storylines are like a straight guy's fantasy.

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