Thursday, February 14, 2013

The "Straight" Prom

 [Content note: Homobigotry]

Have you heard about this?

A group of students and parents in Indiana want to create a separate "traditional" prom where gays, or perhaps just same-sex couples (it's not clear from any article I've read), are not allowed to attend. Some choice quotes from the folks leading this crusade:
"'We want to make the public see that we love the homosexuals, but we don't think it's right nor should it be accepted,' said a local student."
"'Homosexual students come to me with their problems, and I don't agree with them, but I care about them. It's the same thing with my special needs kids, I think God puts everyone in our lives for a reason,'" said [Diana] Medley[, a special education teacher in town, who is helping with the straight prom movement.]
"'So the same goes for gays? Do you think they have a purpose in life?' No I honestly don't. Sorry, but I don't. I don't understand it. A gay person isn't going to come up and make some change unless it's to realize that it was a choice and they're choosing God,' said Medley."
You know, on the one hand, this campaign sends an awful message to lesbian, gay, and bisexual kids.  But then again, for the sake of any queer kids in this town, I hope that this means all the bigots and bullies will solely be attending this straight prom, instead of the regular prom.

It's kind of like that Dear Abby advice to the homophobes next door whinging about the gay couple moving in next door and asking how they could make the neighborhood better: "You could move."

So, if these folks, on their own time and with their own money, want to use their energy creating their own prom where only the Normal People are invited, I feel similarly to the way I feel about bigots who warn me that I might not end up in "heaven" with them because I don't suppress my "same-sex attractions."

If heaven is to be comprised of anti-gay folks, I'd rather be in "hell" with all the queers, slatterns, and fornicators anyway.  Because having to spend eternity in a "heaven" with self-righteous, boring, hateful, and judgmental bigots would pretty much be one of my worst hells imaginable.

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