Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Today in Definitely-Not-Bigotry

[Spoiler alert/content note: Homobigotry]

Welp, good to see the leaders of Illinois' anti-equality movement being reasonable and civil.

As usual.

And of course they're relying on the widely-discredited and critiqued Regnerus study to assert that children shouldn't end up in "homosexual homes."  Of course they are.

What, did anyone seriously think they wouldn't?

While I'm tempted to laugh as I ponder what on earth a "homosexual home" is, it is difficult for me not to see Smith's statement as an incitement to violence against gay parents. If the SPLC's labeling of certain groups as "hate groups" is an incitement to violence, this recitation of a "Bible" verse that many Americans believe in certainly falls into that category as well. 

Unfortunately, I cannot say I have the privilege of falling ass-over-heels onto my fainting couch over this rhetoric. It is rhetoric that is, sadly, all too common and therefore unremarkable. Fear, anger, and outrage would be appropriate responses. But, mostly, I feel numb.

I know how this culture war goes. This rhetoric, the consequent framing of its utterer as somehow a victim of the homosexualists, and resulting whinging about PC Gone Awry is just par for the (dis)course.

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