Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Stuff

I recently read an article with this first sentence:

"[Founder of White Student Union] insists he's not racist."

Yes yes, don't they all.

That's always such a telling a insistence, isn't it? It's like when you hear "No offense but," and just start bracing yourself for a shit-ton of really mean stuff to be said.

These are "truths" of privileged folks:

Nobody's racist unless they belong to the KKK. Nobody's homophobic unless they belong to the Westboro Baptist Church. And nobody's sexist unless they're feminists, who of course hate men.

In other news, I've moved on from watching L Word re-runs and am now watching, for the first time ever, Arrested Development.  Does hivemind like this show?

Some aspects of it are funny, but others are problematic.

For instance, why dear gawd why does it require a narrator? Doesn't that break the "show don't tell" rule of writing?  It insults the intelligence of its audience to, say, have a voice-over telling us things like, "Now Michael is heading to the banana stand, where his son works."

On the bright side, it turns out that I think Portia de Rossi is a funny actor. Who even knew? (Lots of people probably, but I certainly didn't).  The writers should go meta though, and make her character the one in her marriage who's secretly gay, rather than her character's husband (which, at least in my opinion, would be way hotter).

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