Thursday, May 16, 2013

Going to the Movies

So, last night I voluntarily decided to watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

I wish I had something more intelligent to say about it other than, wow, just what we all needed, another movie about white dudes doing dudely things with other white dudes and, like, one white lady character and one black man, both of whom only have speaking parts because of their respective relationships with the white male savior.  Ker-pow!  It's like when you think about it, Vampire Hunter's narrative perspective has more in common with traditional historical narratives than it maybe would admit.

And really, I'm not sure the movie deserves more intelligent commentary than that, actually.

But wait, there's more!

Because this time it's a vampire edition of the Male-Centric, Non-Bechdel Action Movie (MANBAM?) genre.  Buffy, in my opinion, is a major defining context for all things vampire related in US pop culture. Accordingly, any subsequent vampire-related shows or movies that go back to relegating women to marginal roles stands out as a serious regression.

But then again, I suppose a movie called Chattel Wives and Fugitive Slaves: Vampire Hunters would give too many white men a Big Sad to be considered a viable project?

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