Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another Conservative Applauds Russian Anti-Gay Law

This time, it's Patrick Buchanan, over at The American Conservative, where he wistfully longs for the days of ye olde, when "homosexual sodomy" was outlawed and same-sex marriage was "an absurdity."

No, really, in addition to saying the regular uninspired shit about "homosexual propaganda" and blah blah blah, he says:
"Only yesterday, homosexual sodomy, which Thomas Jefferson said should be treated like rape, was outlawed in many states and same-sex marriage was regarded as an absurdity. 
Was that America we grew up in really like Nazi Germany?"

Okay, totally awkward sentence construction, but is a decade ago, when Lawrence v. Texas declared sodomy laws unconstitutional, really only "yesterday"? Or is "yesterday" Thomas Jefferson's super special homo-hatin' days? And is Pat privy to a DeLorean and flux capacitor and running a secret operation to ship True Patriots to the future where he can write about them in the first person? (And this is what he uses time travel on? Bemoaning the homosexual agenda? This is why we can't have nice things.)

Later on down, he says:
"We can no longer even agree on what is good and evil."
"No longer"? Because you see, historically, there's been mass agreement about what constitutes good and evil in the world. Definitely no disagreements there until very recently!  Political correctness run amok and whatnot.

I mean, what? This guy.

First and foremost, Buchanan's, um, interesting post reminds me that in addition to being Accomplished Grade-A Gaslighters, many American conservatives are myth-makers who mix up (myxth?) their utopian fantasies with stuff that actually happened in the past.

And, contrary to popular "we're not bigots" mythology, the way some conservatives speak so approvingly of Russia's laws, it seems to be unspoken common knowledge that many opponents of LGBT equality in the US actually would have no problem with both "homosexual sodomy" and pro-gay speech being criminalized here. These "culture wars" are about far more than anti-LGBT Christians supposedly "protecting" their own religious liberties.

And just as a final note, it really strikes me as mostly sad when conservatives get down with their bad selves by still invoking President Obama's middle name, as Buchanan does as the grand finale to his ridiculous piece. That dog whistle is so 2008.

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