Friday, August 2, 2013

Very Important RSS Feed Update

Welp, Google Reader went away on July 1st and, since then, I've been having difficulties staying abreast of the blogosphere. (It's sooooo hard to click on my blogroll. I need my subscriptions delivered to me automatically, in one convenient location!).

I had decided to switch to The Old Reader, as it seemed like it was going to be a similar interface, so I was all set with that after having transferred over all my subscrptions from Google Reader. But alas, after a month of using The Old Reader, it's been way too glitchy for my liking in terms of articles not loading and not being marked as read after I've read them.

Yes, this is a total "First World Problem," but reading blogs is what helps me stay connected.

So, I've now made the switch over to Feedly, which has been fine. As a bonus, during the switch-over process I also decided it was a good time to clean out my subscriptions, add new ones, and get rid of feeds that no longer provide content.

I've also included a few more, erm, "provocative" (read: conservative, anti-gay) blogs like the NOMblog on my subscription list.  If I read the title before the source, my first reaction is to sometimes think I'm reading The Onion, or something. For instance, a recent NOMblog headline was "States With Marriage Amendments Have Fastest Growing Economies."

Yes.... and?

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