Thursday, May 29, 2014

Quote of the Day

I'm reading Joanna Russ' How to Suppress Women's Writing.  Here she is, writing on white male fauxbjectivity (my term):
"...[M]en and women, whites and people of color do have very different experiences of life and one would expect such differences to be reflected in their art. I wish to emphasize here that I am not talking (vis a vis sex) about the relatively small area of biology - about this kind of difference in experience, men are often curious and genuinely interested - but about socially-enforced differences.  The trick in the double standard of content is to label one set of experiences as more valuable and important than the other. Thus [to the list of ways women's writing is denigrated] we have added.... She [wrote it], but look what she wrote about."
And so we have terms like "chick lit," "pink" science fiction, "mommy blogs" special segregated sections magazines that are for female interests while the entire rest of the "general" articles are for the regular humans, female characters who are purported "Mary Sues"and more - all standing in contrast to white-male-authored works and characters which are generally classified as more serious, non-gendered, color blind, profound, important, and universal to the human experience.

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