Thursday, May 1, 2014

Welp, That Sounds Fantastic

Earlier this week, a Fox News host blamed feminism for boys purportedly doing worse than girls in school these days:
"On the Fox News show Outnumbered — where four female hosts “outnumber” one male guest host — host Sandra Smith pointed to the fact that most teachers were female as a possible reason that boys could be falling behind."
I was initially going to write once again about that common anti-feminist talking point but, what?, Fox has a show called "Outnumbered - where four female hosts 'outnumber' one male guest host.'"

Let me guess.

Does the poor guy do a lot of "ducking" after he says things?  Is he gonna precede his statements with a joking, "I'm gonna get clobbered for saying this, but"?  Are we going to get lots of yukking it up about "he said, she said," bullshit pop culture "Mars/Venus" divides, and hilarious pretend male fear that's an exaggerated reversal of many women's authentic fear in male-dominated spaces?

And, what do we call the show where all or most of the commentators are men: "Business As Usual"?


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