Friday, January 15, 2016

Femslash Friday: And I Think I'm Kinda Gay

I always loved Buffy episodes with Vampire Willow.  She was so badass, blunt, and ... licky.
Now, sure, you might be saying, "Fannie, Vampire Willow was evil."  And yes. Yes, that is true.  But to that I say, she couldn't help what she had become, cut her some slack!

And, I suppose if one was being honest, one might also say that Vampire Willow displays a fair amount of sexual confusion.  Not so much about her sexual orientation but more about the above business with her alternate universe self.

Relatedly, you might be thinking that, technically, "femslash" requires a pairing, hence the "slash." So some of you might be wondering who the related pairing is today. As in, Vampire Willow/Regular Willow, or ..... Vampire Willow/Glory (hmmmmm, let that one marinate).

Here I would suggest that the real question is not who would Vampire Willow be paired with, but who wouldn't be, really?

See also, this tribute fan video.

There may or may not come a day when I talk about serious things in Fannie's Room again.  I mean, it only took me 9 years of blogging to realize I don't have to engage with shitheads if I don't want to.

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