Friday, January 22, 2016

It Is a Little-Known Fact

That, while Xena and Gabrielle are endgame, Aphrodite did have a bit of a crush on Gabrielle.

It is easy to miss this one over the course of 6 seasons, especially as some people could barely even admit the obvious Xena/Gabrielle relationship.  However, I did not miss it, and apparently neither did the fan who made the video below.

In fact, don't tell the warrior princess, but it's likely that an actual affair happened at some point between the Goddess of Love and the Queen of the Amazons (and how could it not, when you think about it?)

Just putting that out there:

Did you know that next month is Femslash February*?

(Here in Fannie's Room, every month is femslash month).

Will anyone be creating, consuming, or celebrating appropriately?

*How the fuck does tumblr even work?

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