Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Income Inequality in Sanders' Campaign

Oh, pardon me, I thought Sanders' campaign was premised on addressing income inequality.

And yet:
"Of Sanders’s highest-paid [campaign] employees, 10 are male and zero are female"
I'm not surprised by this finding, although I am disappointed.  Income inequality is his signature issue and I've found some of his rhetoric, specifically his seeming conflation of poverty and race, to be uninformed or, shall we say, lacking appropriate nuance.

Frankly, Sanders hasn't been put under a microscope for decades, unlike Hillary Clinton, and I think he's benefited greatly from the assumptions of good faith, enlightenment, and ideological purity his supporters are putting in him. I question whether he's deserving of these assumptions.

Perhaps the number one reason I haven't been "feeling the Bern" this election season is that I've been getting whiffs, as one does from many brogressives, of Sanders' "revolution" being more like a "change in management" than a revolution for all.

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