Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Here's Your Revolution

I am convinced that Anti-Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories are where the Tinfoil-Hat Left meets the Tinfoil-Hat Right, in the middle of a deeply paranoid, misogynistic Venn Diagram.

Via Jill Abramson, writing at The Guardian:
"For decades [Hillary Clinton has] been portrayed as a Lady Macbeth involved in nefarious plots, branded as “a congenital liar” and accused of covering up her husband’s misconduct, from Arkansas to Monica Lewinsky. Some of this is sexist caricature. Some is stoked by the “Hillary is a liar” videos that flood Facebook feeds. Some of it she brings on herself by insisting on a perimeter or “zone of privacy” that she protects too fiercely. It’s a natural impulse, given the level of scrutiny she’s attracted, more than any male politician I can think of."
And yet, despite being perceived as the least honest candidate, Clinton is the most truth-telling of all 2016 presidential candidates.

That being said, I know substance, competence, and honesty aren't as compelling as a bird on a podium, so. Here we are.


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