Thursday, April 21, 2016

Femslash Thursday: I Like Boys...?

Okay, who remembers the movie Teen Witch (1989)?  If you haven't seen it, get yourself to Netflix stat, because it's currently available.

During a recent re-watch, I found the following scene curious. To be honest, I found many scenes of the movie curious. But, in this scene in particular, our heroine Louise is in the girls locker room at school. Poor Louise is a a bit of a nerd at this point (spoiler alert: for now, that is!) and she's in the locker room with all of the popular cheerleaders (spoiler alert: If you ever time travel and don't know when you are, one way you know you are in the 1980s is that all cheerleaders are villains).

ANYway, the action in this scene really begins when the head cheerleader confidently struts into the locker room, announces she has a rad new cheer, and then presses play on her boom box. And BAM! Let the big hair, head-banging commence. For, the cheerleaders, who of course know all of the words and dance moves to this brand new song instantly, proceed to sing a song for which approximately 90% of the lyrics are, "I like boys."

These girls are, as the kids said back then, totally 100% boy "crazy."

During this ode to boys, the girls dance with one another in a locker room, whilst wearing leotards, bath towels, and other garments in various states of dress. All of which is 100% heterosexual.

Now, Louise is the only other person in the locker room. So, an astute observer might say it's almost as if the cheerleaders are putting on a performance for her.  A performance of their heterosexuality, that is? Hmmm.

Louise, meanwhile, kind of half-assedly removes nondescript items from her locker while watching the other young women. At one point, the cheerleaders move to a different section of the locker room, and Louise follows them, discretely watching them dance with one another from behind a locker.

Which, yes, also 100% straight.  Lots of very obvious boy-liking going on in the locker room that day.

See for yourself:

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