Friday, April 1, 2016

Femslash Friday: Helena Peabody/Sergeant Duffy

You might not think "shipping" would be necessary in a TV show specifically about queer women.

After all, fans often, though certainly  not always, ship relationships that are not actually canon or that have been written out of a show. When a show features a plethora of canon same-sex relationships, arguably less tension exists to compel fans to ship same-sex relationships that are more subtextual.

Welp, from The L Word archives, however (and in honor of Lucy Lawless' birthday week!), I bring you Helena Peabody's Lost Interrogation tape. In these tapes, released by Showtime after the series finale, some of the main characters are interviewed by a certain Sergeant Duffy.

With Helena Peabody being one of my favorite L Word characters, Lucy Lawless(!!) portraying Sgt. Duffy, and Duffy hitting on Helena.... I mean, does anything further even have to be said?

Yes.  Someone please write this alternate universe Xena/L Word crossover fanfic or make this spinoff show immediately.

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