Friday, March 31, 2017

Femslash Friday: Kyss Mig Edition

Have you seen the the movie Kiss Me (Kyss Mig)?  It is a Swedish delight of a film.

If you haven't, it is still on Netflix just in case you like good queer women's movies. Yes, it involves (spoiler alert) cheating which leads to the same-sex relationship, which is something of a trope I suppose. But, I've watched the movie a good half dozen times and each time pick up something new to appreciate: the portrayal of complicated sexual identity; the way dialogue sometimes fades out at key moments in the script - leaving us with suggestions of character development, rather than definitive answers; the way homophobia still exists in a country that often tops the charts in terms of social progress.

And, the vebabs, of course. Would I eat all the vebabs with Frida? Absolut! (That sounds dirty. But, it's not.)

Super cheesy fan vid below (NSFW).

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