Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Quote of the Day

Via Jill Filipovic in the New York Times, on the oft-tweeted photo of Donald Trump and dozens of men sitting around a table making health policy decisions about women's bodies:
"Mr. Trump promised he would make America great again, a slogan that included the implicit pledge to return white men to their place of historic supremacy. And that is precisely what these photos show. The same kind of men who have been in charge of the United States since its founding, so very proud of themselves for trying to ax the rights that make it possible for women to chart their own futures — and to compete with men. If women can’t decide for themselves when and if to have children and are instead at the mercy of men and nature, there will simply never be 50 percent of us at that table, or in any halls of power. The men of the Republican Party know this just as well as women do."
That's why, Filipovic suggests, the all-male photos might have been intentional "red meat" to Trump's base of aggrieved, entitled white men.

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