Friday, August 25, 2017

Femslash Friday: Arrow, Part 2

I've changed my mind.

Regarding Arrow, now that I've made my way through more of the series, I have learned that Sara Lance and Nyssa are obviously a better pairing to ship than Sara and Felicity. I know Sara has moved on to Legends of Tomorrow, but I really hope at some point the powers-that-be will find a way to work Nyssa back into Sara's life and then, consequently, produce a spin-off centered entirely on how, together, they run a rebooted League of Assassins that quietly takes down Neo-Nazis throughout the world.

Yes, it's true that (the *koff*also-queer) Leonard Snart might have been a nice distraction for Sara, for a short period of time. And, Nyssa clearly had a thing with Sara's sister, Laurel, after Sara died and before she was resurrected.

(Errr, Arrow is complicated).

But, Sara and Nyssa are endgame. Nyssa loves Sara probably more than anyone else does, save her biological family. Certainly more than the self-centered "everything in the entire world is my fault" Oliver Queen (sorrynotsorry). Sara loves Nyssa and isn't intimidated by the whole "Heir to the Demon" thing.

Enjoy today's featured fan vid:

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