Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Recap: Supergirl 2.21 "Resist"

This episode begins with Rhea gently waking Lena up in a very plush bed. Apparently, Rhea has been "taking care of" Lena while National City is being invaded by the Daxamite troops. Rhea says that she wants Lena by her side, presiding together over this new world. All in a completely heterosexual way, yep.

Oh. Mon-El is also with Rhea and Lena. Apparently, Rhea's master plan is to turn Earth into New Daxam and use the humans to build pyramids. She also clarifies that she wants Mon-El to marry Lena so they can produce "an heir," which can apparently be done using only their hair samples and, wow, all of this sounds so random even as a I type it, but hey. Let's go with it, I guess.

Meanwhile, the Supergirl gang meets up at Close Encounters to apprise the situation. Daddy J'onn is out of commission, Daxamite troops are roaming the streets, and Rhea's mothership is hovering over the city, just waiting to do something evil and lesbionic, I'm sure.

Lillian Luthor also pops into the picture, suggesting that she and Supergirl form an alliance to stop Rhea, but the Supergirl gang says no way. So much for stronger together, Kara.

President Wonder Woman then Skypes Rhea and demands that the Daxamites stand down. Rhea refuses and the situation begins to escalate when, prepare yourselves: *angel choir singing* CAT GRANT re-enters the picture. I repeat, Cat Grant is back in the house. Or, more specifically, she's on Air Force One with the President, because of course she is.  And the President was her "RA" at Radcliffe back in the day, because of course she was.

Winn has hacked into the Air Force One Skype session (because of course he has), so the Supergirl gang gets a front-row seat to this alpha-female showdown.

Cat begins by scolding Rhea and President Wonder Woman for acting like "testosterone-driven windbags" and says they should work together to find a harmonious solution. Rhea says no and then has her spaceship attack Air Force One. So, that's that. More importantly, however, the attack causes Cat to fall out of the plane, which causes this to happen:

Lena and Mon who? SuperCat is back, fans. Also, it has dawned on me that my revised sexual orientation is "Supergirl catching women."


Where was I? Oh yes. Air Force One then crashes. I guess it's a moot point that some might consider it  "weird" if it got out that Supergirl saved Cat Grant over the President, because it turns out that the President is actually an alien and was able to survive the crash. Cat's reaction: "Well at least tell me you're still a Democrat." Never change, Cat.

Later, at the resistance headquarters at Close Encounters, Cat's phone rings:

Text: "Madeline Albright"
These are some of the gems in the Supergirl script that I miss when Cat Grant isn't around. Snapper Carr's crotchety demeanor will never compare to Cat. What other TV show character unapologetically references current and former female politicians in non-contemptuous ways, without the "despite all her faults" statement that never have to be made about men? Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope comes to mind.

ANYway, the President orders the DEO, and Acting Director Agent Danvers, to destroy the Daxamite mother ship. Supergirl is not happy, of course, since her boyfriend and girlfriend are on that ship. So, Supergirl conspires with Lillian Luthor to teleport onto the mother ship and rescue Mon-El and Lena before Alex blows the mother ship out of the sky.

For her part, Rhea threatens to destroy the Luthor Children's Hospital if Lena won't marry Mon-El, so they agree marry each other. Here is their wedding photo, where they each look as happy as if they've just been ordered to marry Beetlejuice.

Before they can say their vows, Cat transmits an Uplifting Speech to National City about resistance and not being conned by these people promising to make the city great again.If the people stay strong and united they can defeat the Daxamines. El marayah.

Cat's transmission also plays in the mother ship  (how tho?) and it interrupts the big wedding. Supergirl and Lillian free Lena and Mon-El, but Supergirl stays behind to try to talk sense into Rhea. Oh that sweet summer child, never giving up on people. The lesson here is: whyyyyyy doesn't she ever learn that some people will never change.

Meanwhile, the President has ordered Alex to fire on the mothership. And then Superman appears. What will happen next? I guess we find out in the season finale!

Deep Thought of the Week: OMG somebody made an Imagine Me and You fan-video trailer with Kara and Lena. It's the little things in life that remind me that everything isn't hopeless bullshit.

[Note: In November 2017, CW/Supergirl Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg was suspended after allegations of sexual harassment.]

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