Friday, April 27, 2018

A Supergirl Recap Update

Hi everyone, I realize I've slacked on the Supergirl recaps ever since the fabulous Earth-X crossover series extravaganza.

The truth is, I took a slight Supergirl break to watch season 2 of Jessica Jones and the entire Man in the High Castle series.

But also, Supergirl can never make me care about Mon-El, as much as it tries. I am that gay. (Happy belated Lesbian Visibility Day, by the way). And, I really want Kara and Lena to be girlfriends but that will clearly never happen, so I've been pouting about that for awhile, too. And, while I'm on a roll, why don't they just make Winn gay? He and James have better chemistry with each other than either of them does with any woman on the show.

In my opinion.

Nevertheless, I've been catching up on episodes, so expect to see the recaps continue shortly!

It's a tough job, I know.

I'm also contemplating starting Westworld recaps. For one, Evan Rachel Wood. Obviously. But two, wow, there's a lot to unpack with that show.

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