Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Recap: Supergirl 3.9 "Reign"

So, previously, we saw Mon-El return to Earth with a surprise +1 and learned that Sam is secretly a villain named Reign.

This episode starts on Christmas Eve morning with Sam waking up in her bed with no memory of her trip to the desert or of being Reign, sort of like she's been a sleeper Cylon for her entire life (and sort of still is until something or someone activates her).

Over at the DEO, Mon-El and Imra are telling the gang what the 31st century was like. Apparently, society was in constant conflict, but Mon-El came along and organized a group called the Legion. He explains that the group was inspired by Supergirl. Which.... LOLOLOLOLOL.

Perhaps we're supposed to think it's neat that Supergirl was this group's inspiration, but I just can't buy that Mon-El would have been mature or developed enough as a superhero to swoop into the 31st century with things to teach the future people. This plotline is like the Supergirl version of Avatar.

He also renders a convoluted story about how he and Imra end up on Earth - something about a wormhole, a broken ship, and whoops they ended up on Earth? Everyone just sort of goes with this explanation, but I'm skeptical. Anyway, Mon-El asks for help getting back to the 31st century, because I guess that's his home now, so I guess the good news is that he's eventually leaving with his new wife. BYE!

Later, Kara hosts a holiday party. During it, Sam and Kara notice James making eyes at Lena and they tell her to go for it. Lena (aptly) notes, "There's no chemistry!" but you just know they're probably going to kiss very soon anyway. Annnnnnd, later, someone tries to assassinate Lena, but thankfully she's with James and he saves her. Once they're back in Lena's office drinking scotch, they kiss.

In better news, Kara gets called away to go on a mission during the party and well well well, look who's back. Agent "Alex's Ex" Vasquez:

Reign has apparently burned a glyph into the ground and Vasquez has Supergirl check it out. It's a very old Kryptonian symbol. The glyph is on L Corp property, so Lena speculates that her nemesis Edge put it there to intimidate her. However, Kara visits a prisoner who shares obscure, ancient Kryptonian knowledge with her about the Worldkiller who is going to destroy Earth.

Supergirl and Reign have an encounter. And by encounter, I mean that Supergirl gets her ass handed to her.

By the end of the episode, things seem really touch-and-go with Supergirl. Alex has to go into "Little Grey" doctor mode to save her and we know she's probably going to be okay, but this episode is a low point for her. 

Deep Thought of the Week:
So, I've noticed that Supergirl uses a a more somber logo after each episode's teaser this season. I'm not sure if that's supposed to indicate that this season is darker than previous seasons. If that is the intent, I'm not sure it matches the tone that I'm picking up from the episodes so far. Sure, Kara has been upset that Mon-El had to leave Earth and she's clearly upset that he returned with a new wife. And, while she's outmatched by Reign, she still has the love and support of Alex, Lena, J'onn, James, and Winn.

Kara's character development does not seem, at least yet, anywhere near the rock bottom of, say, Willow Rosenberg in "Wrecked," wherein Willow was addicted to magic (drugs), on the verge of ruining her best friendship, had put Dawn's life in danger, and had ruined her relationship with Tara.

Note: CW/Supergirl Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg has been fired after a sexual harassment investigation.

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