Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Recap: Supergirl 3.11 "Fort Rozz"

The big mission this episode is that Supergirl needs to go back to Fort Rozz to talk to a prisoner who might know how to defeat Reign. The problem is, Supergirl threw Fort Rozz into outer space and, while the DEO was able to track it down, it's currently orbiting a blue star.

Supergirl doesn't have powers near blue stars. Oh, and blue stars are also fatal to those with Y chromosomes. So, because Supergirl has no hero friends who are women, she apparently has to assemble a team for this mission that's comprised of people who are, in some way, either anti-heroes and/or Supergirl's arch-nemeses.

For instance, she taps Livewire, who is currently working at a diner and refers to Reign as a "G.L.O.W. reject" and Mon-El as "cosplay" (LOL):

There's also Psi, who I like as a character, but we're now looking at a trio of three thin blond white women. That is to say, this episode was a missed opportunity to add some diversity.

Oh wait, nevermind, a brunette, Imra, also joined Supergirl at Fort Rozz:

Anyway, once they arrive at Fort Rozz, it's hit by a solar flare, meaning they're hurtling toward the sun and they lose contact with the DEO. Meanwhile, Reign hops in a space pod and shows up at Fort Rozz, as well.

Supergirl finds the prisoner she wanted to talk to and gets some information about Reign, but Reign then kills the prisoner. Livewire and Psi defend Supergirl, who is powerless, from Reign while Imra tries to steer the ship away from the sun. Livewire dies in the process, because the CW DC-verse seems to hate nasty women (along with, in general, women over 40). Psi then does the mind-meld thingy on Reign, and Reign flees Fort Rozz. So, everyone (minus Livewire) gets home safely.

At the DEO, Winn and Brainy worked together on all the tech aspects of the mission and I'm just going to put it out there that Brainy is obviously into Winn but is as-of-yet unaccustomed to Earthling queer male mating rituals. Or, maybe Winn is into Brainy but he doesn't know he's queer yet. Either way, I can ship this. No, I definitely ship this.

In Alex news, she babysits Ruby while Sam is off unwittingly being Reign. In fact, when Sam and Alex interact, you can kind of see them as potential love interests. Aside from Sam's whole villain secret identity, that is.

Oh, and the new information about Reign is that there are these beings called Worldkillers who are sort of like sleeper Cylons, waiting to awaken wreak vengeance on the world.

Deep Thought of the Week: This was a decent episode. I like the concept of the all-female team while the men had to stay back and wring their hands about the dangerous mission the women were on. Also, I get that cross-overs are probably expensive and logistically challenging, but this episode would have been a fun one for White Canary, Batgirl,and/or Hawkgirl to join (among others such as, dare I suggest, Wonder Woman).

Note: CW/Supergirl Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg has been fired after a sexual harassment investigation. 

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