Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another Open Letter to David Vitter


Um, thank you, I guess, for your semi-apology about the whole prostitution, cheating on your wife thing. Most of us realize that you wouldn't have apologized had you not gotten caught. But more to the point, it's no one other than your wife to whom you owe the apology.

As your wife said, "You know, in almost any other marriage, this would have been a private issue between a husband and a wife — very private. "

And, she's right, you know. Marriage between two people is private. I take issue with the "only between a husband a wife" bit, but at least we agree on the "private" part.

See, when a marriage goes bad, it's because something is messed up in the relationship between the two of you. It's not the fault of some faceless "society," or pornography, or gay people, or straight people. It's the fault of the two people involved- you know, the two people who make up the two-person relationship.

And, as a heterosexual couple, you have the approval of society on your side, our entire legal system on your side, and your family on your side. You have everything going for you. So, when you fuck it up, it probably is your fault. It probably is just a private issue between "man and wife."

I feel sorry for your wife, and your kids, because of what you've done. See, I also had an unfaithful father and I can tell you right now that that was more harmful to me as a child- was more harmful to society, and was more harmful to my family- than any gay relationship ever was.

So what you have to apologize for, David, is your proposal to make sure that no loving gay couples can ever have the same benefits of marriage that you, an adulterer and a criminal, get.

I hope that you can now see that your hypocrisy lies in your attempt to make gay marriage a public issue to be decided by prejudiced people like you who expect your own failings in marriage to remain "private."

And seriously, are you really not going to resign?




Grace said...

No. He won't resign. What's truly shocking to me is he's not "seeking treatment". Isn't that what politicians do when they're caught with hookers or teenagers?

rachel m. said...

can't you really send this? and also send it to his hometown news paper and the red eye...and the trib.

hammerpants said...

Amen. And please, do sent to trib/sun-times/red-eye/anything else.

Fannie said...

okay, i will.

i usually send my letters to politicians, but i rarely get a response.

Anonymous said...


Ryan said...

Couldn't have said it any better myself!