Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Business Speak" and chips.

"Business Speak" annoys me. Business Speak is the language that permeates companies, universities, and even the world of non-profit organizations- sometimes it is specific only to a particular company or industry.

Sometimes, however, Business Speak knows no bounds. Here are some universal Business Speak concepts that annoy me:

a) Mind Games. These phrases have to do with the flexibility and games that business speakers believe your brain is capable of. You know, how your mind is able to "think outside the box" and "wrap itself around tough ideas." Barf barf and triple barf.

b) Shocking uses of words. For instance, using the word "sexy" in non-romantic situations: "I know my idea isn't as sexy as Bob's, but you should just give it a chance."


c) The overuse of acronyms in conversations with people who don't know what the acronyms stand for in order to show people right off the bat that you are smarter than them: "What do you think about HRSA at the CDPH about EHRS?...... MmmHmmm. I see."

That's my annoyance of the day.

But another thing that annoys me is that the thing about dipping tortilla chips into a jar of salsa is that once you get halfway through the salsa, your hand either no longer fits in the jar meaning you can longer get to any salsa, or you get saucy hands from sticking your hand down into the jar. and then sometimes, your tortilla chips break all the way down in there. or, you only have little, unscoop-able chips left that won't reach the salsa. Somebody fix this.

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