Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ellen's "Meltdown"

Personally, I think Ellen's "meltdown" on her show was blown a bit out of proportion. So she cried about a dog on television. Whoop-dee-doo.

I guess there is nothing of greater importance happening in the world right now. Like, you know, fires and wars and things.

Her tears may, or may not, be reflective of some inner crazy. But what person doesn't have a bit of the crazy? Is there one perfecly well-adjusted human out there? I don't think so. Celebrities and talk show hosts, unfortunately, sometimes have their crazy captured on tv or youtube.

Yesterday, however, I read inklings that Ellen and her partner Portia Di Rossi may be headed for a breakup, and that may have contributed to Ellen's "meltdown."

Upon reading this, my first thoughts were:

a) Just in time for my visit to southern California(*) where I am, actually, going to be a member of the studio audience on the Ellen show, and now have hopes of Ellen discovering me, using me as her rebound affair (**), and inevitably discarding me but not before paying off my student loans.

(b) I had a feeling the "meltdown" was about more than the dog situation. Even if they aren't having marital strife, I bet there's something more going on in Ellen's life that would cause her to "meltdown" on her show.

(c) Seriously though, I don't want them to break up. But, I don't want them to stay together if they aren't happy. But also, whenever famous gay people break up I feel like anti-gays are just waiting in the wings to say "Seeeeeee! Gay relationships never last blah blah blah promiscuous blah blah blah non-monogamous blah blah blah hate hate hate!"

* Because I will be on vacation for approximately 5 days, I will be blogging sporadically. Play nicely amongst yourselves until I return.

** To my girlfriend: Just kiddin'.

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