Monday, October 22, 2007

Say.... Perez Hilton Can Serve a Purpose

Because some bigots just deserve to be shallowly mocked.

But seriously, while I'm not the hugest Perez fan, I like it when he makes fun of homobigot Ann Coulter. He did so by posting a transcript of an interview with her where she made idiotic comment after idiotic comment.

The following exchange is the *best* part of the interview. Here, she's talking about how many inter-racial couples are together just so they can be inter-racial couples!:

COULTER: No, it’s true. I give all of these speeches at megachurches across America, and the one thing that’s really striking about it is how utterly, completely diverse they are, and completely unself-consciously. You walk past a mixed-race couple in New York, and it’s like they have a chip on their shoulder. They’re just waiting for somebody to say something, as if anybody would. And —

DEUTSCH: I don’t agree with that. I don’t agree with that at all. Maybe you have the chip looking at them. I see a lot of interracial couples, and I don’t see any more or less chips there either way. That’s erroneous.

COULTER: No. In fact, there was an entire “Seinfeld” episode about Elaine and her boyfriend dating because they wanted to be a mixed-race couple, so you’re lying.

DEUTSCH: Oh, because of some “Seinfeld” episode? OK.

Hee hee hee. I guess I missed the memo where Seinfeld is the ultimate authority on social relations.

Shoutout to Grace for sending me the link.

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