Monday, October 15, 2007

A Minute for the Environment?

Today is Blog Action Day. The idea is for many bloggers to write on the same topic for one day. Today's topic is The Environment.

For a few weeks now, I have been thinking about what I should write about today.
The Environment is not my specialty. And, it's not a lot of blogger's specialty. So what is the good of a bunch of people writing about things that are not their specialty? Is it useful? How will this contribute to "saving the world"?

Heck, when those Greenpeace people on the streets ask me if I have a minute for the environment, I always say no. Or ignore them.

(They are annoying).

So, I thought that maybe it would be more useful and helpful if I posted some links to environmental websites so other people would maybe learn some things. And so I would read these sites and learn some things.

Many of us, perhaps, have vague ideas about global warming, environmental destruction, and recycling. Some of us do the little things that we hear add up when lots of people do them like turning the water off when we brush our teeth, utilizing public transportation, and leaving our cell phone charges unplugged when not in use.

What is frustrating to me, however, is that I feel as though we can all do these little things, but what about the big things? What about companies who pollute? What about agri-business that destroys the enviroment? What about the oil companies and our reliance on fossil fuels?

What can we, as little people, do about these huge contributors to environmental change? Why should we all care about The Environment? Why should we care if we don't see it affecting us in the near future? Are activists being unnecessarily alarmist?

So, readers, here is my vow to better inform myself about these issues. Here is my vow to care more about the environment. Here is my vow, in other words, to take a metaphorical minute for the environment.

I am open to suggestions...

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