Monday, February 4, 2008

But, What Does the "Unhinging of Our Culture" Tangibly Mean?

Reading some of the American Family's Obsessed with Gay Sex Association's materials on The Homosexual Agenda, I came across this super-duper scary statement about what the gays are up to:

"For more than 30 years, homosexual activists have been demanding that our Judeo-Christian culture capitulate and embrace their view of human sexuality, marriage and family. If Americans ever accept these demands, they can expect to live in a culture that will be turned upside down — literally unhinged from the sane moorings instituted by the God of heaven."

Being a more questioning reader than AFA's usual sheeple, I wondered: Okay, but what does "literally unhinged from the sane moorings" really mean? What, specifically, will happen to society? Because what comes to my mind when I read that phrase is earthquake-like tremors bringing down Church steeples, lightning bolts striking innocent children on their way to school, and housewives flying off the Earth's axis into outer space.

Wow, the implications of The Gay Agenda (dun, dun, dun!) are scary!

But wait! The next paragraph is a bit more specific in terms of what the unhinging of society entails:

"Harvey’s prediction is of a grotesque culture that includes: 'Lesbian bride dolls. Fourth grade ‘gay’ clubs. A king and king at the high school prom. Dating tips for same-sex teens. Bathroom ogling — and sometimes quick encounters — in the middle school boys’ restroom.'"

That's it?

No, really. That's it?

Let's start with the "scary" ones. Fourth grade gay clubs? What does this mean? What would that even entail- little boys playing Barbies together and little girls playing with Transformers? I don't know any gay advocates who are pushing for this. Does anyone else? Yeah, give us clubs in high school, when many people are actually developing their sexual identities. But let's be realistic about the concerns that are high up on the "The Gay Agenda's" totem pole.

Bathroom ogling? Quick encounters? Wouldn't that occur between people regardless of The Gay Agenda's intervention? Aren't there steps a school can take if such encounters are happening? Again, the only group seeing The Gay Agenda (tm) pushing for these encounters is the AFA.

Now, on to the fun ones.

What, specicically, is so very bad about lesbian bride dolls, dating tips for gay kids, and a prom king and king? (And for the record, my Barbie dolls were lesbian brides before lesbian bride dolls even existed) But anyway, how many gay people reading this might have had more positive experiences growing up had things like, oh acceptance, been available? I, for one, would have liked to have heard that what I was feeling was normal and relatively common. It would have done much for my psychological well-being back then, because really, as fun as it is to think that you and Melissa Etheridge are the only two lesbians in the entire world... oh wait, it's not fun. It sucks big donkey dick.

But, you see, groups like the AFA don't care about easing human pain. Even though lesbian bride dolls and two prom kings would harm no one in any real way, they seek to deny gay kids these things- these experiences of growing up believing that they, too, are "normal." Using abstract armageddon-invoking language, the AFA creates paper tiger threats to the family. And, in the end, they are doing more harm to society and to children than any good they "try" to do.

But, does anyone think the AFA is truly interested in doing good?

I sure don't.

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