Friday, February 22, 2008

"Deep" Thought #1. Gay People Can't Get Married Because Marriage Isn't For Gay People

I have a theory that whenever anti-gay bigot Jose Solano gnashes his teeth about how the "perversity" homosexuality, an angel loses its wings. Same goes for his circular arguments against marriage equality.

On his blog, he states his favorite circular argument against gay marriage while simultaneously exposing his hateful and intolerant bigotry always brimming just below the surface:
"By the actual fundamental definition of marriage, that is, complementarity, [two people of the same-sex] cannot ever form a marriage.... we must stop handing out mock-marriage licenses because they deceive both the homosexuals and the public in general into imagining they can actually form a marriage and because the act itself is a abominable perversion of the human sexual experience."
Two people of the same-sex can't get married because marriage can't exist between two people of the same sex. A-der. And oh yeah gay marriage licenses are fraudulent and gay people are gross and butt sex is icky.

Yeah. Deep thoughts.

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