Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Deep" Thought #2: The "Sexist" Orientation

A few months ago, I stumbled upon this (obvious parody? of an) anti-gay website (clearly written by a child with no knowledge of the logical fallacy of equivocation) that proclaims this: Gay people are sexist for not forming relationships with persons of the other sex.


You see, how it works is like this:

"Racism: 'I’m white and I have an orientation for whites above blacks'

Sexism: 'I’m male and I have an orientation for men above women' (a.k.a. homosexuality)

Er. Um. Yeah.

In addition, gay people should stop discriminating against the opposite gender and start dating, marrying, and having sex with people of the same gender. You see,

"[W]e need to realize that all people have undesirable intolerant, anti-diversity, racist and sexist preferences that are no worse in their bias than homosexuality is. Gay people are not an enemy. They are victims of homosexuality.

However, if genetic alcoholics can abstain from alcohol, like anyone, GLBT folks can abstain from acting upon their sexist, gender intolerant orientation."

Does anyone else find that first sentence is more than little revealing as to the author's character. His window to the world is that while "we all" are intolerant, racist, and sexist (speak for yourself, buddy). Gay people, you see, are just more intolerant than the rest of "us."

But alas, because gay people discriminate against the other gender, marriage between two people of the same gender is unconstitutional state-sanctioned discrimination.

Or something:

"Therefore, if tax-payer benefits are not allowed to go directly to a same-sex women's club, then why should civil benefits go to same-sex marriages or civil unions which are essentially same-sex clubs of two?"

"Same-sex clubs of two." I've never seen it put... quite... like.... that. You know what this means, don't you? Every single gay and lesbian couple is a cell of the Gay Mafia. Watch out!

"Gay Answers." Yeah. Deep thoughts.

** The author of this blog is also a Weapon of Mass Projection because while he sees gay people as "discriminating" against those of the opposite sex, he's the one with the ultimate goal of sanctioning discriminate against a group of people.

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