Friday, January 9, 2009

Blogs I Like: Updates

Today, I'm going to take a second to encourage you to vote for Grace the Spot for Best New Blog here.

Speaking of Grace the Spot, my latest sporty post is up over there.

In other news, Pam's House Blend's server was hacked a few days ago and was temporarily off the internets.

Although her site is back up, it was a very trying event. Pam's currently mulling over whether to stick with her current (hacked) server, which hosts many progressive blogs, or to move to a new server. Soapblox is valuable to the progressive community because it fosters a sense of online community by enabling blog readers to write "diaries," personal entries that can be promoted to a main blog's "front page." Pam's House Blend has been using this format for awhile now and it's really brought great depth and variety of opinion to her blog.

Anyway, in light of the shrill accusations that anti-gay advocates make against our community, I was sort of tempted to jump the gun and write an article claiming: Anti-Gay Bigot Fascist Haters Hack Pam's House Blend.

But I didn't.

That would have been a bit over-the-top. Even though it may very well be the case that those opposed to gay rights or liberalism hacked the server, I don't think there's enough information out there to be able to state that as fact.

To end here, I'm a little surprised this story hasn't gotten more coverage. Someone hacked a large chunk of liberal blogs possibly intending to censor messages they do not agree with. I mean, dear gawd, can you imagine how liberals and the gay community would be vilified if this would have happened to conservative and, gasp, anti-gay blogs? In all of their jumping-to-conclusions glory, I'm pretty sure that by now certain organizations and bloggers would have already created immediate tattle-tale messaging campaigns, letters of condemnation, press releases, full-page ads in the New York Times, banners, leaflets, trumpets, balloons, and special websites denouncing this stifling of free speech!

But, you know, when it happens to us, their lips are zipped.

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